Driving an automatic car for beginners

By Leslie Rhodes

October 22, 2019

In the last 20 years, many new drivers have been taught how to drive with automatic cars. This is because of how common automatic cars are today. They are a lot easier to drive than their manual counterparts that may require gear change and stick shift. For beginners, this article will provide some tips to help you get the hang of automatic transmission driving.

  • Park with handbrake: before you park the car, do not change the gear to park alone. Lift the handbrake up as well. This will prevent rolling of the rear wheels and an impending accident.
  • Stop completely before switching gears: before switching from one gear to another, ensure that your car comes to a complete halt. You should stop before moving the gear from drive to park or park to drive or reverse to park. Failure to do this could result in damage to the car transmission.
  • Do not drive on neutral: some people believe that driving on neutral could save gas. This myth doesn’t help in any way. Rather it damages the brakes and also stops the car from accelerating properly.
  • Apply light throttle pressure first: do not just slam in your gas pedal and exert full power into the vehicle after switching the gear to drive. This could damage the stationary parts of the car. Rather you should apply a mild throttle pressure, and accelerate to a higher speed gradually.

After you become accustomed to automatic transmission driving, you will prefer it to manual driving, as it requires less effort and actions. However, many people prefer manual cars because they believe that they have higher miles-per-gallon rate than automatic cars. This is not true, and even if it is true, the convenience of automatic cars is worth the trouble of spending a few extra cents on gas.

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