Tips for fuel consumption reduction

By Leslie Rhodes

October 22, 2019

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These days, the easiest way to reduce fuel consumption is to get hybrid cars. These cars are built to reuse energy that is usually wasted in regular cars and are often fuel-efficient. However, not everyone can afford hybrid cars. Drivers can still reduce their fuel consumption without having to buy hybrid cars. This article will highlight simple tips to help.

Start by:

Checking your tire pressure: something as easy as ensuring that you have the proper amount of air in the car tires can help reduce fuel consumption. If the tires aren’t properly inflated, they will begin to generate heat, and this wears it out faster and gives more resistance against roads. Try to check the air pressure once weekly or once every two weeks.

Do not weigh down your car: when your car is filled with junk, it will be heavier. When it is heavier, it will consume more fuel to keep moving. Make sure that you tidy up your back seat and trunk. Remove all the things you do not need and only leave the necessary items in the car.

Stick to speed limits: when you drive fast, you burn more gas. Sticking to the speed limit here helps reduce gas consumption. Also, not over speeding reduces the risk of having an accident or being stopped by the police or even fined. A car engine uses more than half of its power to handle wind resistance. When you drive faster, the vehicle will have to put up with more resistance, and this consumes more gas.

Stop the car completely: you burn less fuel if you drive after making a complete stop than just slowing down. When you reach red lights or other stop signs, make a complete stop. It will reduce gas consumption while keeping you safe as you follow road rules.


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